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 PO4X4 Phosphate Remover is a unique chemical engineered polymer based mini pellets that will specifically remove phosphate approximately 4 times more efficient then most GFOs. The PO4X4 polymer is bound to very pure FeOH2. Both the polymer as well as the Iron molecules are able to bind PO4 and by combining these we increased the binding effiency. In addition,PO4X4 contains only Ironhydroxide, normal GFOs consist of a mixture of ironhydroxide as well as ironoxide and only the first form can bind phosphates. This means that PO4X4 with its higher content of Ironhydroxide can bind much more PO4 then your average GFOs can.

500 ml will remove 3 ppm of phosphate and silicate from roughly 16.000 liter of fresh water or 8.000 liter of marine water. Use fluidized filter systems for optimal results, a canister filter can also be used. Do not overdose !  Rapid changes in phosphate can negatively affect your animals. Use small amounts of PO4X4 to gradually lower the phosphate levels in your aquarium. Replace or regenerate (see PO-X4 regeneration salt) your pellets when phosphate levels start to increase again.

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