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ZA2441 Remote

Extendable Ultra Slim Aluminum Post LED Aquarium Lamp W/ Remote Controller
  • White LED: 3.5W*14 8,300-10,000K
  • Blue LED: 3.5W*14 450-465nm
  • Red LED: 0.06W*8
  • Green LED: 0.06W*6
  • Lumens: 3,600LM
  • Total Watts: 96 Watts
  • Tank Size: 18"-28"X18"
  • Marine / Reef
With Smart Fan - enhance better cooling performance with lower noise
Timer Controller Function ZN1001 + Remote Contol
  • Adjust the Time/ Division Color LED Brightness/ Lightning Mode/ Cloudy Mode;
  • Adjust all functions of different type lights at a time


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