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Dymax REX-4 lighting is made with 4 x T5 tubes to provide optimum lighting effect with full coverage of spectrum to the aquarium. Its unique slim & tiny ballast of the lamp is placed at both sides of the reflector so that the light tubes can be placed from the extreme right to left of the lamp set. Unlike others, the ballast are placed at one end of the lamp set, while the light tubes are push to the other end causing a low-light area at one end of the aquarium tank. The lamp is also made to achieve a slim and aerodynamic outlook with the lowest heat radiation and energy consume. Besides, the design of the arc-shape reflector provides a capability of penetrating deep water spectrum. With all the unique design and considerations, the REX lighting has provide world class aquarium lightings for its innovation.

Available size: 60cm , 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm & 180cm
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