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Product Description:
Looking for a true replica of reef snow for your reef inhabitants? Marc Weiss Reef Bugs are actual LIVING microbes that will inspire your corals to extend their polyps and have your scallops and feather dusters reaching out for a taste. Reef Bugs contains twelve strains of edible, non-pathogenic microbes in their encysted spore state. Packed with a mixture of minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates, these microbes will hatch in about 30 minutes from when they hit the water. The additional particles then act as "carriers" for the microbes to "ride on" once they have hatched. Microbes that aren't eaten will start to divide and multiply, supplying your reef with a colonized substrate where they can consume detritus and excess food. Reef Bugs are amazing for all reef aquaria, plus- try them in your refugium!

Amount added to aquarium depends on bio-load, how long the system has been operating, the state of cycling, etc.
One teaspoon (approximately 1.5 grams) or more per day could be consumed per 100 gallons in an established, well-stocked reef aquarium.
Start more conservatively; a 0.5 teaspoon once per day (or every other day per 100 gallons).

Take a cup of aquarium water, mix in the quantity of dry Reef Bugs needed and stir.
Stir again after about 10 minutes and stir again after about 20 minutes.
Try to dissolve as throughly as possible to aid hatching and particle aggregation.
Stir again at 30 minutes and pour into aquarium.
All may not be dissolved. It will dissolve in the aquarium and be utilized.
Through the times given are approximate; do try to leave the mixture in the cup for the full 30 minutes before pouring into the aquarium.

Alternatively...just sprinkle into the aquarium. It will take at least 30 minutes for dissolution, which may not be complete.
Particles may be eaten by fish or some other non-target critter.
It is harmless to fishes and other marine life.
You may wish to try some dry and some that has been soaked.

The product comes in a barrier bag which prevents oxygen and moisture from entering the bag.
Reclose bag by squeezing out air and zipping it closed.
Keep in cool, dry place; the refrigerator is fine.
Don't freeze for extended periods of time.

Ideal for corals, live rock, sponges, octocorals, gorgonians, zooanthids, clams, scallops, xenia and star polyps.
Enough for over 50 portions for a 100 gallon aquarium.


Available Size: 3 oz
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