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Product Description:

Reef fishes and inverterbrates placed into an aquarium, regardless of size, require the same water parameters found in the ocean in order to live, thrive and reproduce. Nano-Reef Part A contains all necessary major, minor and trace ions in the proper ratios to maintain proper water parameters in nano-reefs and other small reef systems; Part B is an ionically-balanced buffer to Part A that increases alkalinity and maintains stable pH. This simple approach to reef care maximizes time spent enjoying the aquarium. Free of phosphates and other undesirable substances.

Part A: Add 1 ml (8 drops) per 4 gallon tank capacity daily to maintain proper water parameters. Add directly to the system in an area of good water movement. Wait 5 minutes, then add Part B. DO not mix with other supplements outside the aquarium. Use Nano-Reef Part B to maintain alkalinity within a range of 7 - 10 dkh. Use of the products with accurate test kits will ensure that the concentrations in the aquarium are within the desired ranges and is strongly recommended.

Available Size: 8 oz , 16 oz

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