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FML 27 W                   HQI 150W


Product Description
The World No.1 Clip on HQI lamp that provide easy installation, as its user could add the numbers of lamp any time they wish without shifting the drilling posistion comparing to the conventional hanging type of HQI. The lamp is made of ultra strong cast aluminum structure that provides durability for both freshwater and marine use. Its aerodynamic design and ultra slim body structure make the lamp more elegant in style. As safety is our main concern, the lamp is protected by a pieceof highly tempered glass that can withstand high heat radiated by the HQI tube and also the prevention of salt water coming in contact with the sensitive HQI tube.


Model Available

  • Dymax Octopus 150W Clip Metalhalide Lamp : 1 x 150W/ MH HQI
  • Dymax Octopus 250W Clip Metalhalide Lamp : 1 x 250W/ MH HQI


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