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Product Description:
Reef Herbivore is a diet formulated for all fishes that feed on algae, plants, and phytoplankton in the wild. It contains a high percentage of spirulina, and provides the protein and fiber necessary to maintain long-term health of herbivorous fishes.

  • Provides herbivorous fishes with the proper sources of plant material, not lettuce or spinach, which are totally unsuited to the digestive systems of marine fishes.
  • Satisfies nutritional needs of grazing fishes that have no ready access to microalgae, macroalgae, or spirulina in their aquariums.
  • Does not make heavy use of fats that can often damage fish’s livers.

Feed 1 to 3 times daily. Do not feed more than can be eaten in a 5 minute period. Do not overfeed. If fed properly, no clouding should occur.

Available Sizes: Small & Medium Pellet, 1.5 & 5 oz

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