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Product Description:
Oxidizes suspended and dissolved organic matter for superior water quality • Use when water quality drops due to heavy bio-loading. • Particularly useful to oxidize built up winter sludge • Safe in all water gardens and ponds..

Add one dose only of 1 tablespoon (3 capfuls or 15 ml) per 100 gallons (378 liters) of system capacity. Can be repeated at 4 day intervals until water garden is clean.

Kent Nature Pond Poly•Ox oxidizes organic materials to provide a cleaner, healthier environment for your fish. Poly•Ox is strong and should be handled with care! It stains skin and clothing!

Poly•Ox must not be used on systems less than 30 days old. There must be enough organic matter either dissolved or suspended in the water to necessitate treatment. Treatment may be repeated at 4 day intervals until the pond is clean.

During treatment the water will turn purple, brown, then clear up. It is recommended that you suspend carbon or resin filtration and trace mineral and vitamin supplements during use. A partial water change is recommended at the termination of treatment. If termination of treatment is desired, a single dose of Kent Nature Pond Ammonia Detox will deactivate this product.

Available Size:  16 oz, 64 oz

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